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GoGozo has a simple philosophy. We believe in giving young people the extraordinary chance to experience Malta, Sicily, Tunisia, Gozo and surrounding area, and to learn about the art of photography with a group of interested peers.

GoGozo and its trip leaders put a distinct emphasis on fun, adventure and awareness building. With such exciting activities as riding camels in Tunisia, visiting the Star Wars filming site, or the nightly Balzan street festivals, there is much to experience.

Photographic instruction, including darkroom developing and computer manipulation, is an ongoing backdrop to our adventures. Students are encouraged to carry their cameras at all times and to experiment with new cameras including rudimentary pinholes, and single-use cameras.


"Hey Dave,

I was talking to someone earlier today about life in general and how to stay not-crazy, and...I kinda talked a lot about you, actually. And I realized as I thought about it that I can't think of anyone aside from you or my parents who has taught me more about 'the world' in general. I know you're the type to sort of want to shrug this off and make light of it in a sort of nonchalant way, but I am deadly serious here. I guess I have spent quite a bit of time the last few months thinking about places I've been and things I've done and people I've met, and I am more and more glad to have shared in your little stockpile of human adventure. I am sure I have said as much several times, and less eloquently (not that this is in any sense eloquent) but I felt like I ought to put down in writing how my much temporally-limited experiences with you have meant.

When I talk to people who have barely-or never-traveled, I always send them the photos I have taken in my time in Malta...and they're always astounded. It always reminds me how wonderful my time overseas has been when they say these things, and I wish I could carry a rucksack full of polaroids for all of them.

This isn't going anywhere, so I won't force it...I guess it's mostly my restless way of saying thanks. I wanted you to know I gained a much stronger and more vital appreciation for...

I guess for life.



We're now offering two trips for adults.
Visit PhotoMediterraneo.com for more info.


From the Wescott family and GoGozo, in loving memory.

Andrew discovered a passion for photography while attending the Malta program in 1998. The grant will be awarded to a participant who best demonstrates an enthusiasm for photography and an ability to pitch in and participate in life.