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Frequently Asked Questions
Where do we stay?

We stay at the University residence in Lija, which is a safe, centrally located village close to bus routes, shops, and services. Valletta, the capital, is about 20 minutes away by bus.

Who prepares the food?

Breakfast and dinner is cafeteria-style. There is a tuck shop near the pool for snacks and refreshments, and the supermarket is a short walk away. There are housekeeping facilities in each dorm. There are some restaurants and a pizza joint in the area, and the ever-present McDonald's (as well as Burger King and Pizza Hut) has several franchises on the island.

What is an average day like?

We will spend most mornings and occasional evenings in the darkroom. Afternoons are usually free. When we are on field trips, there is no darkroom work; instead the emphasis is on the actual taking of photos.

What kind of clothing should I bring?

The daytime temperature in July can hit the high 30's--i.e. hot! Evenings are pleasantly warm. A hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen are strongly recommended; other than that, the coolest clothes you can find! You should have more modest clothing (ie covering the shoulders and legs) for Tunisia, a conservative Muslim country. You can swim at the beaches and at the university pool, so bring a bathing suit.

Should I bring my own camera and film?

Please bring a digital camera. We will also be using film, but if you do not have a film camera, you will be provided with one. SLR cameras offer the most creative control. Film can be purchased on the island: minimum 10 36-exposure rolls of black-and-white and 15 36-exp. rolls of colour slide film (Fuji Provia ISO 100). Of course you can always bring extras! Students will also need two packages of 25 sheets of paper for darkroom printing--Ilford RC base, variable contrast. For any advice or questions, contact Dave at 613-789-2571.

Who goes on this trip?

The program is designed for students ages 15-19, from beginner to advanced levels. Instruction will be tailored to the individual's needs. Previous experience with photography is not a prerequisite for this program.

What happens if I get sick or need medical attention?

Medical services in Malta are of high standards and are close by. However, you MUST have an insurance policy (e.g. Blue Cross) that covers the cost of treatment in the unlikely event of an emergency situation.

What's this Dave Trattles guy like?

Dave Trattles is the Head Gozo for GoGozo and organises, leads and teaches on the trip each year.

"I am a parent of two teenagers who attended Dave Trattles' summer program at Malta and I must say that I was more than pleased and impressed with the program, and especially with Dave himself. I know that the impact he had on my kids will last a lifetime. He is a wise, authentic, intelligent, creative, and fun loving kind of guy. He teaches kids about not only the art and craft of photography, but also about social responsibility, respect, teamwork, how to be 'in the moment' and love life as it is presented to you! Thanks Dave for sharing a piece of you with my children, the most important people in my life." -- Judy Atkinson, parent to Megan and Marshall Ross.

"My husband and I have sent three teenagers to Malta with Dave Trattles, and we have felt confident that, while they were having a wonderful time and learning experience, they were supervised and cared for in a professional and responsible manner. Dave is very 'high energy' and loads of fun, and at the same time, he is sensitive and a remarkable communicator with teenagers. We... and the kids... would HIGHLY recommend GoGozo as a unique life experience." -- Sandi Salmi

Do we really get to see Luke Skywalker's house?

"Uncle Owen, Aunt Beru!" Yes, on our excursions in Tunisia we stay overnight at the Star Wars filming site.
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