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Join in the summer celebrations in the mountain village of Novara di Sicilia. Voted one of the top ten most beautiful locations of Italy, this small town will triple in size during the mid-August festivities of the ferrogusto.

We hope to attract fun-loving people to this event. SiSicily is not about photography, though there are plenty of opportunities to take photos. But because of Novara's size and remoteness, there are no labs nearby, and no internet conections. So we'd rather you just kick back and enjoy what is particularly Novarese: great food, friendly locals, and spectacular scenery.

Highlights include: the cheese rolling event, the olive-wood top-spinning tournament, the procezzione of August 15, the band marches, a dinner hosted by brothers Michaela and Carmela - shepherds of Novara, and the now-famous Spooky tour of Nino.

You will be in excellent company for the nine days of siSicily. Local hosts Joe Russotto and enthusiast Nino Galofaro will provide insightful information on the various events, in between vats of gelato, coffee and pasta.

How to get there:
The best choice is to fly into Catania, where Dave will pick you up. But if you get there yourself, by way of Palermo, then Dave will treat you to pasta, pizza and gelato.

Trip duration:
From August 11 to August 18.

Trip size:
Six participants - to preserve, rather than overrun Novara.

Trip cost:
You are responsible for: your travel arrangements to and from Catania (though we can help you with the planning), your food bills and all other expenses. The cost for nine days is 600 euros, which includes local accommodation, and great company, the odd meal and gelato.
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