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Time to get saucy! On Aug 27th, Bunol (Spain) hosts the world's biggest soup of 25,000 people, 100,000 pounds of tomatoes - and us! For 2 hours we live the saying: "hay que gozar mucho para desquitarse de la vida" - you must enjoy life to get even with it!

Around this unique festival are 10 days of grand parades, music espectaculos, fireworks, feasts, and photo opportunities. We will be based at the fine Hotel Condes de Bunol, minutes away from the 13th Century castle, the town, and the train station. Valencia is only 38 kms away, and for a change-up, we will make several trips to the old quarter of the city.

We hope to attract fun-loving people to this event. You don't have to be a keen photographer to join us, but we can help improve your skills - and with the festa being the highlight of Bunol, you'll want to bring a camera along.

How to get there:
The best choice is to fly into Valencia, and take the train to Bunol. Either Barcelona or Madrid are options, but there is a 3 to 4 hour train ride from either airport to Bunol. Dave can meet you in at the airport in Valencia, or at the train terminal of Bunol.

Trip duration:
From August 22 to September 1.

Trip size:
Eight participants.

Trip cost:
The cost for ten days is 750 Euros, which includes hotel accommodation, and great company. You are responsible for: your travel arrangements to and from Bunol (though we can help you with the planning), your food bills and all other expenses.

Tomatoes are free.
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